Sunday, January 31, 2010

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Y E S X 10000000000000000000000000000000

friends are important...

... No matter who or where they are!

VG Reunited!

After Jujiin's exhibit in Makati, I went straightly to Grilla, GH to meet up with my vg(vgrafiks) friends. Our meeting time was 8pm but I left the exhibit at 10 already! i know, i know...I'm sorry guys for being late!I arrived at around, pass 11 already after paying much much to the cab driver!hello EDSA traffic!But it was ok, i uber miss them! been months since we last saw each other!Skip, Kat, and MarkRic, Hann, Bea and EZ

I missed Ric's humor and insights about...anything!haha!I've learned so much from this man about design, being a designer, etc. A true genius!
I envy Bea, haha, she is now a fashion assistant in Metro mag. I've always wanted to run a mag or at least work for it. Preview, adapt me!haha! Bea owns Dark White, an online fashion shop. Their clothes are awesome!gonna post more about it soon.
On our way home, saw this LV printed car.
(sorry for the crappy shot)
see how it shines in the dark?pleeease!

Exhibit No. 1

I thought I was never gonna make it! but I could not pass this event! It's jujiin's first solo exhibit! The event was attended by some of the most gorgeous people in the industry.
me and Jujiin!

The exhibit showcases photographs taken by Jujiin himself presented in some extraordinary forms of mixed media. Some of the subjects were Rajo laurel, Cecile Van Straten(, Grendel(PNTM), etc.

Here are some of his works...
The event was jampacked! I met a lot of cool people.

saw Tim Yap, Rajo and Divine Lee as well.Vic was there too with Vicky(Herrera) and some friends.Kate Torralba with her 'crown of chains'

Surprisingly, saw Kel and some ILY peeps
met Veejay Floresca(PRP Season 1)and Karl, who I first saw in LB
Sadly,I had to leave early to meet up with my Vgrafiks friends!

Thanks to Elena for coming with me!(it was just a few blocks away from our office!haha)

The exhibit runs til Feb.11 at Trilogy Boutique. Be sure to see it and experience Jujiin!haha!

Friday, January 29, 2010


so don't know what to say about this

Vogue Paris, February 2010

i always knew those bad tennis shoes looked a m a z i n g

Julia Likes Metal & Making Out
Russh Australia Jan/Feb 2010
Shot by: Samuel Hodge
Styling by: Stevie Dance
Model: Julia Nobis