Sunday, October 31, 2010

Imaginism Studios presents the New

Hi Everyone!

Imaginism Studios is excited to announce our newest project -!

Ever wanted to discover new sketchbooks and artbooks from your favourite artists? has a wide selection and database of artbooks as well as iphone apps, take a visit today!

The featured artists, apps & books on the homepage are determined by how many "Likes" are received.

Click on the image below for more info:

New Collection of High Quality Cars Wallpapers with size 20 MB

New Collection of High Quality Cars Wallpapers
Number of images : 54 wallpapers
images reslution : 1600x1200
Size : 20 MB
Type : JPEG


Wonderful Collection of Best 3D Nature Wallpapers Collection - 14 MB

Wonderful Collection of Best 3D Nature Wallpapers Collection

High Quality Images ( HQ )
Number of images : 30 Wallpaper
Quality : 1600X1200
Size of Wallpapers : 14 MB

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blog Train

Welcom aboard the Digimania SpooktaKular Blogtrain

this is my first time taking part in a blog train so i really hope i do this right lol 
here is my previews

you can download my part here

Please Continue to hop along the stations to grab the rest of your freebies,
Please remember to leave a thank's when downloading.
here is the list of the entry's

If you have any questions please contact me at my email address
this is only my 2nd scrapkit so I am still learning so I hope its ok

enjoy huggles Siobhan xxx happy halloween  

Friday, October 29, 2010

Some New Wordart

ok well its been a while I am gonna be getting back to making the wordart again as I have had a few emails from peeps asking lol awwww you guys

loads new stuff gonna be going on started makign scrap kits so i will see if anyone likes what i create adn take it from there i will be posting the blog train tomorrow so u will have to stop by for that

i am off to cork next week from thur to sunday so its a long journey but will feel refreshed and ready to create when i come back adn loads will be going on when i come back getting stuck into milos site again i am having trouble with it lol everytime i go to work on it or creat a page or web design i end up crying ummmmm yeah ts been a hard year without him took a few months away from the site but want to get back nto it and get it designed and created and up there as a tribube and as a pet memorial for lost pets and also as a info site for dogs with diabeties loads of other stuff with loads of info and a heap of stuff so fingers crossed when i get back from cork i will have loads of energy to do that lol

ok some new wordart for tonight

enjoy huggles Siobhan and i will be back tomorrow with the blog train xxxxx night all

 Download Here

 Download Here

 Download Here

 Download Here

 Download Here

Club Penguin Gary Tracker & How to Find Gary the Gadget Guy!

This is Cena12121's 100% accurate Gary tracker! Every time I find Gary, I will updated this tracker right away. I usually find him every 2-4 minutes so keep refreshing this tracker for updates on Gary's location.

Gary Offline - Tracking starts during his next visit.

Cena12121's Club Penguin Gary Tracker:

Currently--- Offline
Server------ N / A
Room-------- N / A

Click Here to refresh the tracker.

If you find Gary, click here to put a comment and tell me where he is immediately!

Tips and More on finding Gary:

Who is Gary the Gadget Guy?

Among other things, Gary is Club Penguin's resident inventor. He's built plenty of the things that penguins all over the island enjoy, including: the clock tower at the Snow Forts, the Pizzatron 3000, jet packs in Jet Pack Adventure, and the AC 3000 cooling system.

How does Gary look like?

Gary is always wearing glasses, a lab coat, and the color Dark Blue.

How can I find Gary?

Gary only visits us on special events. During these special appearances, the hops around servers all the time. He spend about 4 minutes on each server, then they go to a different sever. So, you can't really tell what server he is usually on.

But, if you see a big crowd, then it might be Gary! He will always have a crowd
of fans surrounding him. If you can't see him in the crowd, click on 'Show Buddies' icon that looks like a smiley face and click on "Show Online" to see the users in the room.

Here is the weird thing. If too many people are crowding Gary, it will make him nervous and he will leave!

How Can I get Gary's Free Background Item?

If you get a chance to met Gary, make sure to get the free Gary Autograph Background. To do this, click on Gary's player card and click on the 'Get Gift' button.

Have you ever met him? If you do, make sure to chat with him! Gary can actually talk back to you! Some people think that he is a robot, but he isn't! Ask him a question and he will respond to you.


happy friday....

a pretty picture for a Friday morning.

lolas room eclectic bedroom
Eclectic bedroom design. Source: Houzz

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Club Penguin Gary Background!

JUST IN: Gary is waddling the island and... he has a new background!

I like it! Click here start tracking Gary.

Click here for Halloween Party cheats.


Club Penguin Halloween Party 2010 Cheats!

The Club Penguin 2010 Halloween Party has started!

Free Item Cheats:

To find the Purple Bat Wings:

Step 1. Go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Find and click on the Purple Bat Wings!

To find the Ghost Costume:

Step 1. Go to the Forest.
Step 2. Enter the Haunted House path.
Step 3. Enter the Haunted House.
Step 4. Find and click on the Purple Bat Wings!

Special Party Rooms:

Go to the Forest and enter the Haunted House pathway to go to the Haunted House.

Go to the Forest and enter the Dark Chamber pathway to go to the Dark Chamber.

Click here for Candy Hunt cheats.
Click here for Dark Chamber cheats.
Click here for Gary tracker.


Club Penguin Halloween Candy Hunt 2010 Cheats!

Here are the 2010 Halloween Candy Hunt cheats!

Click on the Pumpkin Basket button to keep track of your items.

To find the first treat (Chocolate Bar):

Step 1. Go to the Beach.
Step 2. Click on chocolate bar.

To find the second treat (Candy Corn):

Step 1. Go to the Snow Forts.
Step 2. Click on Candy Corn.

To find the third treat (Lolly Pop):

Step 1. Go to the Ice Berg.
Step 2. Click on Lolly Pop.

To find the fourth treat (Pink Bon Bon):

Step 1. Go to the Gift Shop.
Step 2. Click on Pink Bon Bon.

To find the fifth treat:

Step 1. Go to the Pizza Parlor.
Step 2. Click on left pumpkin that's on the Pipe Organ.

To find the sixth treat (Caramel Cube):

Step 1. Go to the Ski Lodge.
Step 2. Click on Caramel Cube.

To find the seventh treat (Caramel Apple):

Step 1. Go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Click on pot of green stew.

To find the last treat, treat eight (Green Candy):

Step 1. Go to the Beacon.
Step 2. Click on green candy.

Congratulations! You've found all of the Candy Hunt items! Now, get your free prize!

Step 1. Click on the Pumpkin Basket button.

Step 2. Click "Claim Your Prize".

You now have the "Candy Forest Path" background!

Click here for Halloween Party cheats.
Click here for Dark Chamber cheats.
Click here for Gary tracker.


Club Penguin Dark Chamber Cheats!

Here's how to go through the Dark Camber:

Getting There: Go to the Forest and enter the Dark Camber pathway.

Step 1. Remember the different colors of smoke, then play the colors in order on the piano.

Step 2. Find your way through the maze. Pick up a Storm Lantern for help.

...but a better way of doing this is to wear your Night Goggles! They light everything up!

You've finished!

Get the free Pile O' Candy furniture item!

Don't forget about the "Monster Maker" catalog!

Click here for Halloween Party cheats.
Click here for Candy Hunt cheats.
Click here for Gary tracker.