Sunday, February 28, 2010

It's getting closer...!!! Official Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland gallery show at Arludik in Paris.

Hi everyone,

It's almost here!!! Tomorrow Kei and I will leave for Europe. Then on March 4th Kei Acedera and I will be at our "Alice in Wonderland" gallery show at Arludik in Paris, France. We will be showing a whole bunch of our character designs from the movie as well as a collection of our own Alice in Wonderland tribute pieces.

We're so excited to show everyone our pieces. Stay tuned for more images throughout the week!

Mark your calendars and we will see you there!

Visit the gallery website here


Ok, so 2 of the things that I was working on for my 1st Give-Away are in the trash! They came out beautifully - until I stained them. I used a foam brush and everything looked fine.... until they dried. I don't know what happened but there must have been something on the brush because once they were dry, I noticed all of these black smudges everywhere.... BUMMER--since they took me 2 weeks to actually complete. I was going to post a pic of them to show what they looked like after they dried--but I decided to make the same thing again, so I will save it for the GiveAway! OH WELL! Back to my sewing table today to start again!
Have a Great Day, Everyone!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Club Penguin Mission 11 Sneak Peek - Herbert!

Here's a new sneak peek for the upcoming mission 11!

In a couple months, the new mission will be out for all Secret Agents. You'll be using your Penguin Secret Agency skills again to try and stop a Herbert! Club Penguin will be giving us more mission news in a few weeks.

What do you think he's planning for us this time? Post a comment and let me know.

In the meantime, you can practice your agent skills by doing the previous missions - and continue to keep the island safe. If you're not an agent yet, if your penguin is 30 days old, you can click the 'M' badge at the top right of your screen. Then click the button that says: "Become a Secret Agent". You'll get to take a quiz to apply.

- Want to become a Secret Agent? Click here!

- Need help on any Secret Agent mission? Click here for our full missions guide!

- Want to see another Mission 11 sneak peek? Click here!


Club Penguin Orange Puffle Action List - Animated!

As you know, each Club Penguin puffle had their own actions, dances, and moves. Here's a full list of actions that the orange puffle does! Check it out.

Orange Puffle eating a cookie.
Orange Puffle dancing
Orange Puffle eating pet food.
Orange Puffle eating gum.
Orange Puffle playing.
Orange Puffle sleeping.
Orange Puffle super play.
Orange Puffle taking a bath.
Which orange puffle action is your favorite? Post a comment and let me know!




Hi! My name is Tammy (aka: Twin*Creek*Primitives). Welcome to my blog! I decided to start this blog as many of my prim sistas on PRIMMART have! My blog is dedicated to family, primitives and my love of primitive crafting! I love trying new things and have done all different kinds of prim crafting.... bowl fillers, ornies, quilted wall-hangings, raggedies, painting & stenciling, quilted table runners and even applique--BUT--my PASSION is stitchery! Especially pillows! I just love that you can tuck one anywhere, in any room to add some homespun coziness! I most often use patterns and always give credit and THANKS to the wonderful designers who are kind enough to share their work! I will be listing items for sale on my blog from time to time and also GIVE-AWAYS! I can't wait to have my 1st one.... I am working on it now!
Primitive Blessings To All............

Friday, February 26, 2010

Hello Manila Traffic

photo credits : Vins Casupang

Was in the metro a while ago to visit some studios. Look at my back, hello traffic. Had a hard time finding a cab. took me almost an hour before I was able to get one. good thing the studios were still open. This week has been so exhausting for me. been running here and there. I hope everything ends perfectly. Just wish me luck!

Curiouser and Curiouser

Nucleus Gallery is putting on an Alice in Wonderland show in California on Saturday Feb 27, 2010. Kei and I have contributed one piece each to this show.
Here is mine.
Title: Smoke
Medium: Watercolor
Artist: Bobby Chiu

Here's Kei's.
Title: Advice from Caterpillar (Drawing)
Medium: Pencil and Ink
Artist: Kei Acedera

Here's a link to the gallery show

Also we'll be in Paris for our main gallery show at Arludik March 4th!

Mascot Mania!!! Winter 2010 Edition!!!

It is no secret that I am in favor of well-designed Olympic mascots, even though I have no interest in sports. Mascot design = character design, and that's definitely something I'm interested in.

The 2010 Winter Olympics (which close shop this weekend) feature a great quartet of mascots designed by the very talented artists of Meomi. Naturally, I wanted to try my hand at drawing these mascots:

click above for larger view

From bottom left to top right, we have Mukmuk the marmot, Quatchi the sasquatch, Sumi the animal spirit (orca headdress, thunderbird wings, bear legs), and Miga the sea bear (part orca, part kermode bear). Yeah, I'm pretty sure Sumi and Miga are FUZORS in disguise.

Note to self: start drawing picture of Sumi and Miga as Fuzors.
Where was I? Oh yeah, mascots are rad. In the midst of researching the 2010 mascots, I also stumbled across these characters:

Their names are Lyo and Merly, and they're the mascots for the first ever 2010 Summer Youth Olympics (taking place in Singapore). Lyo is a lion cub, and Merly is a merlion cub--ANOTHER FUZOR!!! Don't be surprised if I end up drawing these two when the Youth Games roll around.

For More on Olympic Mascots:

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Central Saint Martins Matthew Harding RTW Fall

Central Saint Martins Joanna Green RTW Fall 2010

Ann-Sofie Back RTW Fall 2010

Louise Goldin RTW Fall 2010


Cooperative Designs RTW Fall 2010

forward bunhead and more thighs

Fendi RTW Fall 2010

Krizia RTW Fall 2010

Adopt The Club Penguin Orange Puffle!

Member penguins can now adopt Club Penguin's newest puffle, the orange puffle! Here's how.

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Plaza.
Step 2. Enter the Pet Shop.
Step 3. Open the "Adopt a Puffle" catalog.
Step 4. Go to the orange puffle page (page 11).

Step 5. Click "Adopt".
Step 6. Confirm that you want you buy the orange puffle.

Step 7. Choose a name for your puffle. This can be anything you want!

Congratulations! Your orange puffle will be waiting at your igloo! Make sure to take good care of your furry, orangey pet!

What did you name your orange puffle? Post a comment and let me know!


New Pin on Club Penguin Cheat - Club Penguin Wagon Pin Cheat!

There's a new pin in Club Penguin! It's a Wagon Pin.

To find the Wagon Pin:

Step 1. Open your map and go to the Ski Village.
Step 2. Enter the Ski Lodge.
Step 3. Find and click on the Wagon pin.

What are you waiting for? Go get the new Club Penguin pin!


New Igloo Music - Jungle Quest, Flipper Jig, The Bamboo Forest, and Bonus Level!

There's new music available for your igloo! The new songs are Jungle Quest, Flipper Jig, The Bamboo Forest, and Bonus Level.

My favorite song is Flipper Jig! It kind of reminds me of Saint Patrick's Day...

Which one is your favorite?


New Orange Puffle Log-In Screen Picture!

Take a look at this new Club Penguin log-in screen picture!

It reads, "Members, adopt a zany orange puffle today!"

I think this log-in screen picture is so cool! One of the best I've seen. Isn't it cool how it seems as if the orange puffle is biting the left side of the picture?


New Club Penguin "Snow And Sports" Catalog Cheats: February 2010 Issue!

Here are the hidden items cheats for the February 2010 issue of the Snow and Sports catalog.

To find the Green Baseball Uniform and Cap:

1. Go to page 2.
2. Click on the yellow penguin.

To find the Red Ball Cap:

1. Go to page 8.
2. Click on the Pitcher's Mound.

That's all for now. Enjoy the new sports catalog. Remember to check out the backgrounds.