Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Styler violet win7 skin

Doesn't have win7 but crazy about it, Here is the toolbar to replace your xp toolbar to win7.
And yes i have created a violet color theme for styler, which is superb if you have a violet theme in your xp and also looks nice on other themes. if you does not have a violet color theme, dont worry I am creating it and it is near at its final stage. May be you like it.
Download violet skin HereDownload Toolbar Application Here

How to use it:
1.After Downloading both of above things, install styler (II link) and log off or restart you pc. Now open Explorer window and right-click on toolbar.
2.Now enable "Styler Toolbar" option and disable other options like Standard Buttons, Address Bar, Links.
3.Now copy the styler skin folder to following directory:

C:\Program Files\Styler\TB\skins\Styler's
Here C: is the drive where Windows is installed. Change it if your Windows is installed in some other partition.
4.Now click on the "Floppy" icon in Styler toolbar and select "Skin -> Styler's -> skin_name" (In our case the skin name will be VistaVG). It'll apply the new skin.
5.If you want to remove Menubar also, then double-click on Styler's icon in System Tray. It'll open Styler Options window. Go to "Toolbar" tab and enable "Hide Menubar" option.
6.That's it. Now you'll get your desired styler toolbar in Windows Explorer.