Saturday, May 7, 2011

a bit of cat-o-drama

Ah. So that thing that I've been dreading would happen DID just happen.

As you know my house is covered in plastic. It's not a good combination with that fact that I've got a molde infested kitchen. And so I have cut holes in the plastic with a Stanley knife to let the air into the flat/the smell from the molde out of the flat.

Today I've been indoors all day, pottering. The cats, who just got a climbing pole, are a bit over excited today (which is brilliant as it means they will sleep well all night!), and have been running around and on top of me all day.

All of a sudden I heard Kif screaming his "I don't know if I like this... It's a bit scary"-scream. I went into the livingroom to see what he was up to. But he wasn't INSIDE the flat. He was out on the balcony!

The cheeky monkey had squeezed himself out through the plastic and out onto the balcony. There he was, quite confused, scared but curious. I ripped the plastic open and squeezed my upper body out too. That little bit of company made Kif confident enough to try and jump up on the balcony railing!

Well, I shat my pants. I know there is scaffolding around the house. I know there is plastic covering the scaffolding and that he'd most probably wouldn't fall down 7 floors and die. But the likelyhood of Kif finding his way back if he started to run around in plastic covered floors of scaffolding is very unlikely...

... I mean, I'm talking about the cat who got lost in our little attic here!

I screamed "No, Kif! Don't you dare! Sit down!"in my deepest, most serious voice as his first attempt of jumping up failed (thank god he is fat and clumsy). And believe it or not - he stopped, sat down and looked at me. I reached out and grabbed him by the skin of his neck and dragged him back to me.

And lost my grip of his skin... I nearly cried. But he didn't move. He just sat there looking at me. So I just picked him up, threw him inside and closed the window.

What Tylor was doing during all this palaver? Sat between my legs (which were indoors) the whole time and puuuuurrrrrrred!