Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Club Penguin Beta Team Website FOUND!

About a week ago, Club Penguin worker Happy77 posted this video on her YouTube channel:

It shows her logging into a secret "Beta Team Access Only" website and testing a new game called Rollerscape!

Well we've just discovered what website she was one! YOU CAN ACCESS IT TOO!

Go to the "Reviewed by You: Earning Stamps" posts on the What's New blog, scroll down, and click the word "Team".

It takes you to the Beta Team website, which is http://authorized.ClubPenguin.com/.

Enter your penguin's name and password, then click "Login".

Wa-la! Your in! Go explore around the site and see what you can find.

Click here for a full Beta Team guide!

—Cena12121, www.TeamClubPenguinCheats.blogspot.com